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Nuxt is a meta framework for Vue. Learn more about Nuxt at This guide is accurate as of Nuxt 3.11.


  • Use SSG by setting ssr: false. Tauri doesn’t support server based solutions.
  • Set host to
  • Use dist/ as frontendDist in tauri.conf.json.
  • Compile using nuxi generate.
  • (Optional): Disable telemetry by setting telemetry: false in nuxt.config.ts.

Example Configuration

  1. tauri.conf.json
    "build": {
    "beforeDevCommand": "npm run dev",
    "beforeBuildCommand": "npm run generate",
    "devUrl": "http://localhost:3000",
    "frontendDist": "../dist"
  2. Update Nuxt configuration
    export default defineNuxtConfig({
    // (optional) Enable the Nuxt devtools
    devtools: { enabled: true },
    // Enable SSG
    ssr: false,
    // Enables the development server to be discoverable by other devices for mobile development
    devServer: { host: '' },
    vite: {
    // Better support for Tauri CLI output
    clearScreen: false,
    // Enable environment variables
    // Additional environment variables can be found at
    envPrefix: ['VITE_', 'TAURI_'],
    server: {
    // Tauri requires a consistent port
    strictPort: true,
    hmr: {
    // Use websocket for mobile hot reloading
    protocol: 'ws',
    // Make sure it's available on the network
    host: '',
    // Use a specific port for hmr
    port: 5183,

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