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  • On macOS, remove all custom keydown implementations. This will bring back keydown regression but should allow all accelerator working.
    • fee4bf2 Remove all keydown implementations (#798) on 2022-12-10
  • Suppress unused_variables warning reported only in release build.
    • 4e23c0f fix(macos): suppress unused_variables warning reported only in release build (#790) on 2022-12-07
  • Add WebViewBuilderExtWindows::with_browser_accelerator_keys method to allow disabling browser-specific accelerator keys enabled in WebView2 by default. When false is passed, it disables all accelerator keys that access features specific to a web browser. See the official WebView2 document for more details.
    • 6e622ff feat(windows): Allow disabling browser-specific accelerator keys (#792) on 2022-12-07

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