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  • b597aa5f(#7871) Set main as the default id for the tray icon registered from the configuration file, so if the id is not specified, it can be retrieved using app.tray_by_id("main").

Bug Fixes

  • a2021c30(#7866) Changed IconMenuItem::set_native_icon signature to take &self instead of &mut self to fix compilation error on macos.
  • a68ccaf5(#7822) Fix asset protocol failing to fetch files.
  • 6fbd6dba(#17) Fix the validation of std::env::current_exe warn the user if AppImage is not mounted instead of panicking


  • Upgraded to tauri-macros@2.0.0-alpha.8
  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@2.0.0-alpha.8
  • Upgraded to tauri-build@2.0.0-alpha.9
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime@1.0.0-alpha.2
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime-wry@1.0.0-alpha.3

Breaking Changes

  • 092a561c(#7874) Removed tauri::api module as most apis have been moved to either a plugin or we recommend using other crates.

  • deea9436(#7876) Changed Env.args to Env.args_os and now uses OsString instead of String

  • b7fd88e1(#7944) tauri::scope module is recieving a couple of consistency changes:

    • Added tauri::scope::fs module.
    • Removed scope::IpcScope re-export, use scope::ipc::Scope.
    • Removed FsScope, GlobPattern and FsScopeEvent, use scope::fs::Scope, scope::fs::Pattern and scope::fs::Event respectively.
  • c0d03af4(#7943) Changed TrayIconBuilder/TrayIcon::on_tray_event to TrayIconBuilder/TrayIcon::on_tray_icon_event for consistency of naming.

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