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New Features


  • 8ce51cec(#7718) On Windows, retain command line args when relaunching the app after an update. Supports NSIS and WiX (without elevated update task).

Bug Fixes

  • cc3d8e77(#8539) Fixes a deadlock when reading a stdout or stderr line returns an error.
  • b546b42d(#8577) Preserve the order of JS object/map keys in IPC calls. This also fixes issues with the JS http module when calling to servers that required a specific order of FormBody contents.
  • 8f8729d9(#8312) On macOS, allow cancelling maximization when doubleclick happens on data-tauri-drag-region by simply keeping the left moust button pressed and then moving the mouse away of the starting position of the click, which is consistent with the native behavior of macOS.


  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime-wry@0.14.4

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