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  • e61e7f8(#1090) Breaking change Consistently use WebView in API names. The following APIs were renamed:

    • WebviewExtWindowsWebViewExtWindows
    • WebviewExtUnixWebViewExtUnix
    • WebviewExtMacOSWebViewExtMacOS
    • WebviewExtIOSWebViewExtIOS
    • WebviewExtAndroidWebViewExtAndroid
    • WebviewUriLoaderWebViewUriLoader
  • e61e7f8(#1090) Add WebViewExtWindows::set_memory_usage_level API to set the memory usage target level on Windows. Setting ‘Low’ memory usage target level when an application is going to inactive can significantly reduce the memory consumption. Please read the guide for WebView2 for more details.

  • e61e7f8(#1090) - Add cfg_aliases for easier feature configuration. And add os-webview as default feature.

  • e61e7f8(#1090) Enhance initalization script implementation on Android supporting any kind of URL.

  • e61e7f8(#1090) Fix wkwebview crashed when received invalid UTF8 string from IPC.

  • e61e7f8(#1090) Refactor new method to take raw window handle instead. Following are APIs got affected:

    • application module is removed, and webivew module is moved to root module.
    • WebViewBuilder::new, WebView::new now take RawWindowHandle instead.
    • Add WebViewBuilder::new_as_child, WebView::new_as_child to crate a webview as a child inside a parent window.
    • Webview::inner_size is removed.
    • Add WebViewBuilderExtUnix trait to extend WebViewBuilder on Unix platforms.
    • Add new_gtk functions to WebViewBuilderExtUnix and WebviewExtUnix.
    • raw-window-handle crate is re-exported as wry::raw_window_handle.

    This also means that we removed tao as a dependency completely which required some changes to the public APIs and to the Android backend:

    • Webview attributes ipc_handler, file_drop_handler, document_change_handler don’t take the Window as first parameter anymore. Users should use closure to capture the types they want to use.
    • Position field in FileDrop event is now a tuple of (x, y) physical position instead of PhysicalPosition. Users need to handle scale factor
    • We exposed the android_setup function that needs to be called once to setup necessary logic.
    • Previously the android_binding! had internal call to tao::android_binding but now that tao has been removed, the macro signature has changed and you now need to call tao::android_binding yourself, checkout the crate documentation for more information.

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