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New Features

  • 522de0e7(#7447) Expose an environment variable TAURI_$\{PLUGIN_NAME}_PLUGIN_CONFIG for each defined plugin configuration object.
  • c7dacca4(#7446) Expose the TAURI_IOS_PROJECT_PATH and TAURI_IOS_APP_NAME environment variables when using ios commands.
  • aa94f719(#7445) Generate empty entitlements file for the iOS project.
  • d010bc07(#7554) Set the iOS project PRODUCT_NAME value to the string under tauri.conf.json > package > productName if it is set.
  • 8af24974(#7561) The migrate command now automatically reads all JavaScript files and updates @tauri-apps/api import paths and install the missing plugins.


  • fbeb5b91(#7170) Update migrate command to update the configuration CSP to include ipc: on the connect-src directive, needed by the new IPC using custom protocols.


  • Upgraded to tauri-cli@2.0.0-alpha.11

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