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Trunk is a WASM web application bundler for Rust. Learn more about Trunk at This guide is accurate as of Trunk 0.17.5.


  • Use SSG, Tauri doesn’t officially support server based solutions.
  • Use serve.address = "" so that the webserver is available on the network for mobile development.
  • Use serve.ws_protocol = "ws" so that the hot-reload websocket can connect properly for mobile development.
  • Enable withGlobalTauri to ensure that Tauri APIs are available in the window.__TAURI__ variable and can be imported using wasm-bindgen.

Example Configuration

  1. Update Tauri configuration
    "build": {
    "beforeDevCommand": "trunk serve",
    "beforeBuildCommand": "trunk build",
    "devUrl": "http://localhost:8080",
    "frontendDist": "../dist"
    "app": {
    "withGlobalTauri": true
  2. Update Trunk configuration
    ignore = ["./src-tauri"]
    address = ""
    ws_protocol = "ws"

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