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New Features

  • 74a2a603(#8661) Implement access control list for IPC usage.
  • a2fc3a63(#8657) Add visibleOnAllWorkspaces option when creating the window in JS and Window.setVisibleOnAllWorkspaces method.
  • af610232(#8710) Added Window::destroy to force close a window.
  • c77b4032(#8280) Add multiwebview support behind the unstable feature flag. See WindowBuilder and WebviewBuilder for more information.
  • 9eaeb5a8(#8622) Add WindowBuilder::parent which is a convenient wrapper around parent functionality for Windows, Linux and macOS. Also added WindowBuilder::owner on Windows only. Also added WindowBuilder::transient_for and WindowBuilder::transient_for_raw on Linux only.


  • e8d3793c(#8732) Add common-controls-v6 cargo feature flag (enabled by default).
  • 58fe2e81(#8670) Allow IPC calls when window origin is a defined custom protocol.

Bug Fixes

  • 95da1a27(#8713) Fix calling set_activation_policy when the event loop is running.
  • e1eb911f(#8582) Ensure initalize logic and dropping of menu item is done on the main thread, this fixes the crash when a menu item is dropped on another thread.
  • a093682d(#8621) Fix can not prevent closing a window from another webview.
  • 7f033f6d(#8537) Fix undecorated window resizing on Windows and Linux.

What’s Changed

  • 9f8037c2(#8633) On Windows, fix decorated window not transparent initially until resized.
  • 7f033f6d(#8537) Add Window::start_resize_dragging and ResizeDirection enum.
  • 6639a579(#8441) Added the WindowConfig::proxy_url WebviewBuilder::proxy_url() / WebviewWindowBuilder::proxy_url() options when creating a webview.


  • Upgraded to tauri-build@22.0.0-beta.0
  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@2.0.0-beta.0
  • Upgraded to tauri-macros@2.0.0-beta.0
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime@2.0.0-beta.0
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime-wry@2.0.0-beta.0

Breaking Changes

  • 8de308d1(#8723) Restructured Tauri config per RFC#5:

    • Moved package.productName, package.version and tauri.bundle.identifier fields to the top-level.
    • Removed package object.
    • Renamed tauri object to app.
    • Moved tauri.bundle object to the top-level.
    • Renamed build.distDir field to frontendDist.
    • Renamed build.devPath field to devUrl and will no longer accepts paths, it will only accept URLs.
    • Moved tauri.pattern to
    • Removed tauri.bundle.updater object, and its fields have been moved to the updater plugin under plugins.updater object.
    • Moved build.withGlobalTauri to app.withGlobalTauri.
    • Moved tauri.bundle.dmg object to bundle.macOS.dmg.
    • Moved tauri.bundle.deb object to bundle.linux.deb.
    • Moved tauri.bundle.appimage object to bundle.linux.appimage.
    • Removed all license fields from each bundle configuration object and instead added bundle.license and bundle.licenseFile.
    • Renamed AppUrl to FrontendDist and refactored its variants to be more explicit.
  • c77b4032(#8280) The invoke_system, on_page_load hooks now gives you a Webview argument instead of a Window.

  • e1eb911f(#8582) All menu item constructors accelerator argument have been changed to Option<impl AsRef<str>> so when providing None you need to specify the generic argument like None::<&str>.

  • e1eb911f(#8582) All menu item constructors have been changed to return a Result<Self>

  • aa758a85(#8716) Moved the command module items to the ipc module so its import name does not clash with the command macro.

  • 00e15675(#8708) AppHandle::exit and AppHandle::restart now go triggers RunEvent::ExitRequested and RunEvent::Exit and cannot be executed on the event loop handler.

  • ec9818ac(#8696) Added a callback to the App::run_iteration and removed its return value.

  • a093682d(#8621) Refactored the event system to better accommodate the new window types:

    • Added EventTarget enum.
    • Added App/AppHandle::listen, App/AppHandle::once and App/AppHandle::unlisten to listen to events targeting App/AppHandle
    • App/AppHandle/Window/Webview/WebviewWindow::emit will now emit to all event listeners.
    • App/AppHandle/Window/Webview/WebviewWindow::emit_to will emit to event targets that match the given label, see EventTarget enum.
    • App/AppHandle/Window/Webview/WebviewWindow::emit_filter will emit to event targets based on a filter callback which now takes &EventTarget instead of &Window.
    • Renamed Manager::listen_global and Manager::once_global to listen_any and once_any respectively to be consistent with EventTarget::Any, it will now also listen to any event to any target (aka event sniffer).
  • 9eaeb5a8(#8622) Renamed WindowBuilder::owner_window to WindowBuilder::owner_raw and WindowBuilder::parent_window to WindowBuilder::parent_raw.

  • 9eaeb5a8(#8622) Changed WindowBuilder::from_config to return a Result<Self>.

  • c77b4032(#8280) Renamed Window to WebviewWindow, WindowBuilder to WebviewWindowBuilder, Manager::windows to Manager::webview_windows and Manager::get_window to Manager::get_webview_window.

  • af610232(#8710) Window::close now triggers a close requested event instead of forcing the window to be closed.

  • c77b4032(#8280) Renamed the window-data-url feature flag to webview-data-url.

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