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  • c09dd7b(#968) Remove ActionBar handling from wry. If you want to hide the action bar, hide it using the themes.xml file in your android project or inherit WryActivity class and use getSupportActionBar()?.hide() in the onCreate method.

  • 2b56bfa(#966) Add support for WebViewBuilder::with_html and WebViewAttributes.html on Android.

  • d2c1819(#969) On Linux, replace linux-header flag with linux-body flag. Request headers are enabled by default. Add request body on custom protocol but it’s behind the flag.

  • f7dded4(#955) The bug was reported in tauri repo:

    With input method preedit disabled,fcitx can anchor at edit cursor position. the pre-edit text will not disappear,instead it shows in the fcitx selection window below the input area.

  • 2b56bfa(#966) Set base url and origin to null for WebViewBuilder::with_html and WebViewAttributes.html for consistency on all platforms.

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