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  • Implement “always on bottom” as contrary to “always on top”.
  • Fix calling android functions when package name contained escaped underscore.
    • 6d8cc7e3 fix(android): unescape escaped underscore in package name (#531) on 2022-08-16
  • Add Window::set_content_protection for macOS and Windows.
    • 802146fb feat: implement set_content_protection, closes #550 (#551) on 2022-09-04
    • Add DeviceEventFilter on Windows.
  • Breaking: On Windows, device events are now ignored for unfocused windows by default, use EventLoopWindowTarget::set_device_event_filter to set the filter level.
  • 5bbd4f8f Add DeviceEventFilter on Windows (#465) on 2022-08-17
  • Fix system tray creation after event loop starts on macOS.
    • 759b7db3 fix(macos): retain tray to prevent segfault when event loop is running (#539) on 2022-08-20
  • Fix resize doesn’t work when calling with resizable. Also add platform specific note to set_resizable. On Linux, most size methods like maximized are async and do not work well with calling sequentailly. For setting inner or outer size, you don’t need to set resizable to true before it. It can resize no matter what. But if you insist to do so, it has a 100, 100 minimum limitation somehow. For maximizing, it requires resizable is true. If you really want to set resizable to false after it. You might need a mechanism to check the window is really maximized.
    • 4524d5d3 fix(Linux): resize doesn’t work when calling with resizable, fix #545 (#553) on 2022-09-08
  • Add Window::is_focused.
  • On Linux, fix global shortcut are never triggered when a Lock key is ON, eg. NumLock, CapsLock.
    • 07e3c1f5 fix(linux/globalShorcut): extract needed mods from event state, closes #307, closes #537 (#538) on 2022-08-19
    • 871ad037 chore: remove changefile, bug still exists on 2022-08-20
    • 7e5556e0 fix(linux/globalShortcut): grab the shortcut with extra mods, closes #307 (#540) on 2022-08-20
  • Disables the global shortcut manager on wayland as its X11-specific.
    • 27ab6f4d fix(linux/globalShortcut): disable on wayland (#543) on 2022-08-26
  • Added SystemTrayExtMacOS::set_title to SystemTray and SystemTrayBuilderExtMacOS::with_title to set the tray icon title on MacOS
    • 972307dd feat: added text support to system tray for macos, closes #65 (#554) on 2022-09-10
  • Update windows-rs to the latest 0.39.0 release.

The alloc feature has been removed, which means it no longer accepts Rust String or &str parameters and implicitly converts them to PWSTR or PSTR.

For string literals, that feature was replaced with s!() and w!() macros which null terminate the string literal at compile time and convert to UTF-16 if necessary. The s!() macro is fine, however the w!() macro uses HSTRING types from WinRT for maximum compatibility with WinRT types. Since Tao only uses Win32 APIs, this change relies on util::encode_wide to convert to a Vec<u16> instead.

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