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Tauri 2.0

Hardened foundation for your web apps

Create a Project

sh <(curl --beta

Frontend Independent

Bring your existing web stack to Tauri or start that new dream project. Tauri supports any frontend framework so you don’t need to change your stack.

Cross Platform

Build your app for Linux, macOS, Windows, Android and iOS - all from a single codebase.

Inter-Process Communication

Write your frontend in JavaScript, application logic in Rust, and integrate deep into the system with Swift and Kotlin.

Maximum Security

Front-of-mind for the Tauri Team that drives our highest priorities and biggest innovations.

Minimal Size

By using the OS’s native web renderer, the size of a Tauri app can be little as 600KB.

Powered by Rust

With performance and security at the center, Rust is the language for the next generation of apps.

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