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  • On Windows, Linux and macOS, add method evaluate_script_with_callback to execute javascipt with a callback. Evaluated result will be serialized into JSON string and pass to the callback.
    • 2647731 feat: support callback function in eval (#778) on 2023-03-23
  • On iOS, set webview scroll bounce default to NO.
    • 4d61cf1 fix(ios): set scroll bounce default to NO (#907) on 2023-03-20
  • Update the value returned on a None value of ClassDecl::new("WryDownloadDelegate", class!(NSObject)) from UIViewController to WryDownloadDelegate.
    • 7795356 fix: WryDownloadDelegate call after first time on 2023-02-20
  • On Linux, disable system appearance for scrollbars.
    • 530a8b7 fix(linux): disable system appearance for scrollbars (#897) on 2023-03-08
  • On Windows and Linux, implement WebviewBuilder::with_back_forward_navigation_gestures and WebviewAttributes::back_forward_navigation_gestures to control swipe navigation. Disabled by default.
    • 15b4ddf feat(win&linux): implement the option to control gesture navigation (#896) on 2023-03-07

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