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  • cf22c902(#85) Breaking change: Removed clipboard implementation. Use arboard crate instead.
  • 081ba16a(#800) Fix Window::theme may return a theme different from the actual window’s theme on Linux.
  • 32ce759e(#801) Updated to gtk 0.18 and Bump MSRV to 1.70.0.
  • f569bbab(#815) Fix Window::current_monitor sometimes panicking on Linux when the window is invisible.
  • 7e854cb1(#817) On Windows, fix incorrect delta reported for DeviceEvent::MouseWheel event.
  • 7e854cb1(#817) On Windows, fix Window::set_progress_bar incorrect states.
  • 7e854cb1(#817) Update windows and windows-implement crate to 0.51

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