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New Features

  • 7fcc0bcd(#8490) Add plugin initialization rust code when using tauri add
  • 1878766f(#8667) Migrate the allowlist config to the new capability file format.


  • d6c7568c(#8720) Add files option to the AppImage Configuration.
  • b3209bb2(#8688) Ignore global .gitignore when searching for tauri directory.
  • e691208e(#7837) Prevent unneeded double Cargo.toml rewrite on dev and build.
  • f492efd7(#8666) Update app and plugin template following the new access control permission model.

Bug Fixes

  • 9cb9aa79(#8672) Allow license field in Cargo.toml to be { workspace = true }


  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@2.0.0-beta.0
  • Upgraded to tauri-bundler@2.0.0-beta.0

Breaking Changes

  • 8de308d1(#8723) Restructured Tauri config per RFC#5:

    • Moved package.productName, package.version and tauri.bundle.identifier fields to the top-level.
    • Removed package object.
    • Renamed tauri object to app.
    • Moved tauri.bundle object to the top-level.
    • Renamed build.distDir field to frontendDist.
    • Renamed build.devPath field to devUrl and will no longer accepts paths, it will only accept URLs.
    • Moved tauri.pattern to
    • Removed tauri.bundle.updater object, and its fields have been moved to the updater plugin under plugins.updater object.
    • Moved build.withGlobalTauri to app.withGlobalTauri.
    • Moved tauri.bundle.dmg object to bundle.macOS.dmg.
    • Moved tauri.bundle.deb object to bundle.linux.deb.
    • Moved tauri.bundle.appimage object to bundle.linux.appimage.
    • Removed all license fields from each bundle configuration object and instead added bundle.license and bundle.licenseFile.
    • Renamed AppUrl to FrontendDist and refactored its variants to be more explicit.

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