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  • Add standalone webview ndk port.
    • 68c9f07e Implement standalone webview ndk (#385) on 2022-05-19
  • Update the windows crate to the latest 0.37.0 release.

The #[implement] macro in windows-implement and the implement feature in windows depend on some const generic features which stabilized in rustc 1.61. The MSRV on Windows targets is effectively 1.61, but other targets do not require these features.

Since developers on non-Windows platforms are not always able to upgrade their toolchain with rustup, the package remains at 1.56. Windows developers may get less friendly compiler errors about using unstable language features until they upgrade their toolchain if they build tao without wry, which has some Windows-specific dependencies that transitively raise the MSRV for wry to 1.61.

  • 93c256f9 Update the windows-rs crate to 0.37.0 (#400) on 2022-05-23

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