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New Features


  • 06833f4fa(#9100) Enhance the IPC URL check by using the Origin header on the custom protocol IPC and the new request URI field on the postMessage IPC instead of using Webview::url() which only returns the URL of the main frame and is not suitable for iframes (iframe URL fetch is still not supported on Android and on Linux when using the postMessage IPC).

Bug Fixes

  • c33f6e6cf(#9211) Fixed an issue preventing webview/window creation events to not be emitted. This also fixed the getByLabel and getAll JavaScript functions.

What’s Changed


  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@2.0.0-beta.11
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime-wry@2.0.0-beta.11
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime@2.0.0-beta.11
  • Upgraded to tauri-macros@2.0.0-beta.11
  • Upgraded to tauri-build@2.0.0-beta.11

Breaking Changes

  • 06833f4fa(#9100) Rename FileDrop to DragDrop on structs, enums and enum variants. Also renamed file_drop to drag_drop on fields and function names.

  • 284eca9ef(#9272) Manager::resources_table is now scoped so each App/AppHandle/Window/Webview/WebviewWindow has its own resource collection.

  • 06833f4fa(#9100) Refactored the tray icon event struct:

    • Changed TrayIconEvent.icon_rect type to use the new tauri::Rect type.
    • Removed TrayIconEvent.x and TrayIconEvent.y fields and combined them into TrayIconEvent.position field.
    • Removed tauri::tray::Rectangle struct.

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