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  • 4bdf1c3(#1017) Added WebViewBuilder::with_asynchronous_custom_protocol to allow implementing a protocol handler that resolves asynchronously.
  • 70d8ae0(#1009) Fixes Android freezing when handling request due to endless iteration when reading request headers.
  • b5e1875(#994) Breaking change Wry now defaults to http://<scheme>.localhost/ for custom protocols on Windows.
  • b5e1875(#994) Add WebViewBuilderExtWindows::with_https_scheme to be able to choose between http and https for custom protocols on Windows.
  • fa15076(#163) Add winit and tao feature flag with tao as default.
  • 4bdf1c3(#1017) Breaking change: WebViewBuidler::with_custom_protocol closure now returns http::Response instead of Result<http::Response>.
  • ebc4a20(#1015) Add WebViewAtrributes.focused and WebViewBuilder::with_focused to control whether to focus the webview upon creation or not. Supported on Windows and Linux only.

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