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  • e6f0fbd(#1180) Fixes a null pointer exception when running window.ipc.postMessage(null) on Android.

  • 5789bf7(#1187) Breaking change: Refactored the file-drop handling on the webview for better representation of the actual drag and drop operation:

    • Renamed file-drop cargo feature flag to drag-drop.
    • Removed FileDropEvent enum and replaced with a new DragDropEvent enum.
    • Renamed WebViewAttributes::file_drop_handler field to WebViewAttributes::drag_drop_handler.
    • Renamed WebViewAttributes::with_file_drop_handler method to WebViewAttributes::with_drag_drop_handler.
  • b8fea39(#1183) Changed WebViewBuilder::with_ipc_handler closure to take http::Request instead of String so the request URL is available.

  • 3a2026b(#1182) Breaking changes: Changed a few methods on WebView type to return a Result:

    • Webview::url
    • Webview::zoom
    • Webview::load_url
    • Webview::load_url_with_headers
    • Webview::bounds
    • Webview::set_bounds
    • Webview::set_visible
    • WebviewExtWindows::set_theme
    • WebviewExtWindows::set_memory_usage_level
    • WebviewExtWindows::reparent
    • WebviewExtUnix::reparent
    • WebviewExtMacOS::reparent
  • e1e2e07(#1190) Update webview2-com crate to 0.29

  • e1e2e07(#1190) Update windows crate to 0.54

  • 00bc96d(#1179) Added WryActivity::onWebViewCreate(android.webkit.WebView) on Android.

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