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Tauri 1.0 Release

Tauri 1.0 Launch Hero Image

After 9 months of betas and 4 months of release candidates, Tauri version 1.0 is now available!

What is Tauri?

Tauri is an app construction toolkit that lets you build software for all major desktop operating systems using web technologies. The core libraries have been written for you in Rust and the user interface can be written using virtually any frontend framework. It includes an optional and tree-shakeable JavaScript API for comfortable low-level system access, a desktop binary bundler with code signing and artifact verification, a secure updater to keep your users on the latest version, an extensive plugin system, and support for OS-level integrations such as notifications and app trays.

Tauri is as simple to use as it is easy to extend. For those new to the Rust programming language, Tauri provides a comfortable learning environment that will grow with you. Once you have installed Rust, creating your first app is a mere running of create-tauri-app. But you don’t have to use Node.js at all, if you would prefer to remain in the safety and comfort of 100% Rust.

See our Quick Start guides to start building with Tauri.

Tauri Philosophy

We built Tauri for the security-focused, privacy-respecting, and environmentally-conscious software engineering community.


The entire project has been horizontally and vertically audited by an independent third party, and we maintain a very strict approach to updating the core. We want you to be confident that major versions are as safe to use as they are ergonomic.

Printed sweatshirt

Hoodie by jprovost


Tauri allows you to build “local first” applications without a webserver, so your users don’t have to share their data with big tech. Using local databases and rust based cryptography have never been easier.

Johannes Schickling at Worker Conf 2022 (photo by @TejasKumar)

Johannes Schickling at Worker Conf 2022 (photo by{' '} @TejasKumar via Twitter)


The apps you make are lean and performant, which reduces electricity, storage space, and general natural resource consumption. Every byte saved is a leaf on a tree that gets to grow.

To illustrate this, we compiled some numbers on the ecological impact of your app’s size. As you can see, even small increases in size have a hefty impact on the environment!

App SizeUnit Time (100Mb/s)DownloadsTransitTotal Time (100Mb/s)Electricity Use (kWh)CO2 Produced (Ton)Trees Needed 🌳
3 MB240 milliseconds1,0003 GB24 minutes0.30.181
3 MB240 milliseconds100,000300 GB1.7 days3018108
3 MB240 milliseconds10,000,00030 TB167 days3,0001,80010,800
200 MB16 seconds1,000200 GB4.45 hours201272
200 MB16 seconds100,00020 TB18.5 days2,0001,2007,200
200 MB16 seconds10,000,0002 PB5 years200,000120,000720,000
600 MB48 seconds1,0000.6 TB13 hours6036216
600 MB48 seconds100,00060 TB54.2 days6,0003,60021,600
600 MB48 seconds10,000,0006 PB14.8 years600,000360,0002,160,000

The transmission of 1 GB of information takes an estimated 0.1kWh, which is equal to 0.06 kilograms of CO2. (

Although the carbon absorption capacity can vary, it is generally considered that a tree can store about 167 kg of CO2 per year, or 1 ton of CO2 per year for 6 mature trees (


We know that open source software is a means of fostering equality and collaboration, which is why we placed the ownership of the code at the Commons Conservancy. You can rest assured knowing that the code base will never be rug-pulled or locked behind open-core pay-to-play feature gates. We believe in open collaboration and safe spaces for all. We have an open working group, accessible to any competent contributors. And we love you all. ❤️


Here are some of the things people are saying about Tauri:

Spacedrive Logo

“Spacedrive had to feel native across all platforms, all while being lightweight, instant to launch and extremely fast to use. This just wasn’t possible with a web-based UI — until now, thanks to Tauri.” - Jamie Pine, Spacedrive Founder

Prism Logo

”Tauri has the potential to unlock a new generation of desktop software that feels native to users but is as easy to build as web apps.”

- Johannes Schickling, Prisma Founder


”Tauri stands to reduce the disastrously negative environmental costs of bloated and memory-hogging applications on the internet by orders of magnitude. Any rough approximation of monetary value that could result in, would easily reach hundreds of billions in cost savings for our modern era of grossly underutilized local compute and storage resources.”

- Joseph Jacks, OSS Capital Founder / GP

Padloc Logo

”With its security-focused design and low memory footprint, Tauri is the electron alternative we’ve been waiting for. Tauri has allowed us to build a more secure, more performant desktop app while using the same web technologies, which we love. Thanks to the team for their amazing work! P.S.: Can’t wait for mobile support!”

- Martin Kleinschrodt, Padloc Founder


You can visit our code base, file a bug-report, request a feature, or join the discussion on GitHub. There’s lots of things that people make, and visiting the awesome-tauri repo on GitHub is a great place to discover and share. If you need support or just want to hang out, you can join our Discord server.

Tauri is one of the top 200 projects on GitHub in all programming languages.


People love to discuss what is great and terrible about Tauri on orange websites:


Tauri entered at the top of the charts for the 2021 edition of State of JS:

State of JS 2021

Engineers at big companies seem to be eying up Tauri for future projects.


OSS Insight

What’s Next?

Fresh off the heels of the 1.0 release, the team is already setting our sights on the next steps for Tauri. While we continuously work on improving our documentation, we’re also working on:

  • Mobile support for both iOS and Android
  • Alternative renderers
  • IPC enhancements to enable improved debugging
  • Runtime plugins
  • Support for additional bindings in other languages

We’re also inspired by the community to see which features are being used and what new features will enable them to develop even more amazing applications. Your feedback is the most important thing to Tauri’s future innovation!

Thank You

A special thanks to all our contributors who volunteered their precious time to make Tauri awesome and all our sponsors whose generous donations made Tauri possible (and financed a large portion of our audit!)!

The support of industry giants has been really helpful keeping the lights on. Here’s an alphabetical list:

  • Cloudflare for sponsoring unlimited workers for the OSS updater service (coming soon)
  • DigitalOcean for comping the droplets that run our bots and search
  • GitHub for the extra minutes of CI
  • Netlify for our website hosting
  • NLNET who has financially supported Tauri development via grants
  • PACKT who will be publishing our books

Here are a few notable contributors we’d like to thank explicitly:

GitHub ProfileContributionRepository
@malynFixed http streamwry
@wraverywindows-rs support, webview2-rstao, wry
@liushuyuAdded headers feature to webkit2gtkwry
@emirror-deSystem tray supporttao updatestauri-docs
@probablykasperSupport for more accelerators, restructured documentationtao, tauri-docs
@grbdAdded an example to use tauri as a C++ DLLtauri
@youngsingAdded macOS vibrancytauri-plugin-vibrancy
@lemarierUpdater, menus, system tray, iOS, clipboard api, bytes-stream & ++wry, tao, tauri
@JonasKruckenbergTauri plugin upgrades and documentation overhaultauri-plugin-*, tauri-docs
@ImmaZoniCode signing guides for macOS and Windowstauri-docs
@chippersIsolation pattern, shell scope, compile-time code generation and several other security featurestauri
@fabianlarsCommunity support, AppImage fixes, code reviewall repos, mainly tauri, tauri-docs
@amrbashirTAO and WRY features and fixes, overall OS gurutao, wry
@wusyongTAO and WRY founder and researchertao, wry
@nklaymancustom protocoltauri

We’d like to wrap up by highlighting comments from just a small handful of core Tauri contributors:

Amr Bashir

What feature are you most excited about?

The customizations we offer for the window but that’s because it is what I mostly worked on. I am also excited about how Tauri will change the mindset of some people and help them build secure apps by default.

What is your proudest moment/contribution with Tauri?

Probably when I removed about 20 lines of code in favor of only 3 lines. I wrote both and that’s why it felt special, because it was an indicator of how much I’ve grown as a developer.

Chip Reed

What feature are you most excited about?

Not needing to use --locked when installing the CLI.

What is your proudest moment/contribution with Tauri?

Building the Isolation Pattern

Didrik Nordström

What feature are you most excited about?

File drag & drop.

What is your proudest moment/contribution with Tauri?

Quality/stability: Tracking down and fixing a segmentation fault:


What feature are you most excited about?

Is “All of them” a valid answer?

What is your proudest moment/contribution with Tauri?

Hmm, probably when I was asked to join the team. Fixing AppImages again and again and again is a close second…

Jonas Kruckenberg

What feature are you most excited about?

The auto-updater is pretty great but plugins are very dear to me and definitely the most promising feature of Tauri!

What is your proudest moment/contribution with Tauri?

Moderating the tauri-awesome repo. Seeing so many strangers build cool things with and for the work you’ve been doing. That’s a really great feeling.

Kasper Henningsen

What inspired you to join Tauri?

I was making a few Tauri apps, and just found some features/improvements I wanted to go for.


What feature are you most excited about?

It may sound silly but I love customizing stuff, so the possibility to make almost anything with our windows appearance is neat.

What is your proudest moment/contribution with Tauri?

Creating the foundations of Tauri docs as we know them today and trying to provide clean and easy to understand docs.


What feature are you most excited about?

Pretty much everything, getting Tauri out of a proof of concept to something stable is a huge milestone.

What is your proudest moment/contribution with Tauri?

TAO and all under laying features (menus, trays, etc..), benchmarks and the proof of concept for iOS.

Lorenzo Lewis

What feature are you most excited about?

Overall resource efficiency. We’ve all been where we have a handful of “native” web apps running on our machine and it grinds to a halt. I’m ready for those small bundle sizes!

What is your proudest moment/contribution with Tauri?

The overall website. It was in a really good place when I joined, but I knew I could help boost it up to the next level. Even things like picking a title for a sidebar can take a long time with all the discussions, but at the end of the day we all have the best output from putting our heads together.

Lucas Nogueira

What feature are you most excited about?


What are you most excited about now that the launch is through?

MOBILE and the upcoming egui integration launch

Noah Klayman

What feature are you most excited about?

Auto-updater. It’s really hard to get something that complex right and Tauri has done a fantastic job.

What is your proudest moment/contribution with Tauri?

Getting the custom protocol based asset loader to work, especially on Windows.


What feature are you most excited about?

Conditional compilation of features by default.

What is your proudest moment/contribution with Tauri?

:shrug: v1 I guess

Wu Yu-Wei

What feature are you most excited about?

Auto-updater I think. A built-in OTA feature feels pretty handy.

What is your proudest moment/contribution with Tauri?

Published wry crate and particular in this commit:

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