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  • 8a676617(#7618) Ensure Builder is Send by requiring the menu closure to be Send.
  • 0d63732b(#7754) Added Builder::register_asynchronous_uri_scheme_protocol to allow resolving a custom URI scheme protocol request asynchronously to prevent blocking the main thread.

Bug Fixes

  • 0d63732b(#7754) Fixes invalid header value type when requesting IPC body through a channel.
  • e98393e4(#7673) No longer unpacking and flattening the payload over the IPC so that commands with arguments called cmd, callback, error, options or payload aren’t breaking the IPC.
  • 29818de6(#7662) Fixes IPC failing to communicate for remote URLs on macOS and iOS.

What’s Changed

  • 6177150b(#7601) Changed FileDropEvent to include drop and hover position.


  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime@1.0.0-alpha.1
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime-wry@1.0.0-alpha.1

Breaking Changes

  • 0d63732b(#7754) Changed Builder::register_uri_scheme_protocol to return a http::Response instead of Result<http::Response>. To return an error response, manually create a response with status code >= 400.
  • 0d63732b(#7754) tauri-runtime no longer implements its own HTTP types and relies on the http crate instead.
  • 0d63732b(#7754) Changed Builder::invoke_system to take references instead of owned values.
  • 5c95152c(#7621) Changed MenuBuilder\SubmenuBuilder::text, MenuBuilder\SubmenuBuilder::check, MenuBuilder\SubmenuBuilder::icon and MenuBuilder\SubmenuBuilder::native_icon to take an id as the first argument.
  • 0d63732b(#7754) Changed Window::on_message signature to take a responder closure instead of returning the response object in order to asynchronously process the request.

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