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Environment Variables

This is a documentation of all environment variables used by tauri core crates and tauri CLI.

Tauri CLI

These environment variables are inputs to the CLI which may have an equivalent CLI flag.

  • CI — If set, the CLI will run in CI mode and won’t require any user interaction.
  • TAURI_CLI_CONFIG_DEPTH — Number of levels to traverse and find tauri configuration file.
  • TAURI_CLI_PORT — Port to use for the CLI built-in dev server.
  • TAURI_CLI_WATCHER_IGNORE_FILENAME — Name of a .gitignore-style file to control which files should be watched by the CLI in dev command. The CLI will look for this file name in each directory.
  • TAURI_CLI_NO_DEV_SERVER_WAIT — Skip waiting for the frontend dev server to start before building the tauri application.
  • TAURI_LINUX_AYATANA_APPINDICATOR — Set this var to true or 1 to force usage of libayatana-appindicator for system tray on Linux.
  • TAURI_BUNDLER_WIX_FIPS_COMPLIANT — Specify the bundler’s WiX FipsCompliant option.
  • TAURI_SKIP_SIDECAR_SIGNATURE_CHECK - Skip signing sidecars.
  • TAURI_SIGNING_PRIVATE_KEY — Private key used to sign your app bundles, can be either a string or a path to the file.
  • TAURI_SIGNING_RPM_KEY — The private GPG key used to sign the RPM bundle, exported to its ASCII-armored format.
  • APPLE_CERTIFICATE — Base64 encoded of the .p12 certificate for code signing. To get this value, run openssl base64 -in MyCertificate.p12 -out MyCertificate-base64.txt.
  • APPLE_CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD — The password you used to export the certificate.
  • APPLE_ID — The Apple ID used to notarize the application. If this environment variable is provided, APPLE_PASSWORD and APPLE_TEAM_ID must also be set. Alternatively, APPLE_API_KEY and APPLE_API_ISSUER can be used to authenticate.
  • APPLE_PASSWORD — The Apple password used to authenticate for application notarization. Required if APPLE_ID is specified. An app-specific password can be used. Alternatively to entering the password in plaintext, it may also be specified using a ‘@keychain:’ or ‘@env:’ prefix followed by a keychain password item name or environment variable name.
  • APPLE_TEAM_ID: Developer team ID. To find your Team ID, go to the Account page on the Apple Developer website, and check your membership details.
  • APPLE_API_KEY — Alternative to APPLE_ID and APPLE_PASSWORD for notarization authentication using JWT.
  • API_PRIVATE_KEYS_DIR — Specify the directory where your AuthKey file is located. See APPLE_API_KEY.
  • APPLE_API_ISSUER — Issuer ID. Required if APPLE_API_KEY is specified.
  • APPLE_API_KEY_PATH - path to the API key .p8 file. If not specified, the bundler searches the following directories in sequence for a private key file with the name of ‘AuthKey_<api_key>.p8’: ‘./private_keys’, ’~/private_keys’, ’~/.private_keys’, and ’~/.appstoreconnect/private_keys’.
  • APPLE_SIGNING_IDENTITY — The identity used to code sign. Overwrites tauri.conf.json > bundle > macOS > signingIdentity.
  • APPLE_PROVIDER_SHORT_NAME — If your Apple ID is connected to multiple teams, you have to specify the provider short name of the team you want to use to notarize your app. Overwrites tauri.conf.json > bundle > macOS > providerShortName.
  • TAURI_WEBVIEW_AUTOMATION — Enables webview automation (Linux Only).
  • TAURI_ANDROID_PROJECT_PATH — Path of the tauri android project, usually will be <project>/src-tauri/gen/android.
  • TAURI_IOS_PROJECT_PATH — Path of the tauri iOS project, usually will be <project>/src-tauri/gen/ios.

Tauri CLI Hook Commands

These environment variables are set for each hook command (beforeDevCommand, beforeBuildCommand, …etc) which could be useful to conditionally build your frontend or execute a specific action.

  • TAURI_ENV_DEBUGtrue for dev command or build --debug, false otherwise.
  • TAURI_ENV_TARGET_TRIPLE — Target triple the CLI is building.
  • TAURI_ENV_ARCH — Target arch, x86_64, aarch64…etc.
  • TAURI_ENV_PLATFORM — Target platform, windows, darwin, linux…etc.
  • TAURI_ENV_PLATFORM_VERSION — Build platform version
  • TAURI_ENV_FAMILY — Target platform family unix or windows.

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