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New Features

  • 4db363a0(#6589) Added visible_on_all_workspaces configuration option to WindowBuilder, Window, and WindowConfig.
  • 84c41597(#6394) Add App::primary_monitor, App::available_monitors, AppHandle::primary_monitor, and AppHandle::available_monitors
  • 2a000e15(#7235) Added Window::navigate.
  • 3b98141a(#3736) Added support to file associations.
  • 3a2c3e74(#7306) Added PluginBuilder::on_navigation. Added Plugin::on_navigation.
  • 753900dd(#7440) Expose RunEvent::Opened on macOS and iOS for deep link support.
  • 7fb419c3(#7535) Add App::cleanup_before_exit and AppHandle::cleanup_before_exit to manually call the cleanup logic. You should always exit the tauri app immediately after this function returns and not use any tauri-related APIs.
  • 7fb419c3(#7535) On Linux, add Window::default_vbox to get a reference to the gtk::Box that contains the menu bar and the webview.
  • 7fb419c3(#7535) Add linux-libxdo feature flag (disabled by default) to enable linking to libxdo which is used to make Cut, Copy, Paste and SelectAll native menu items work on Linux.
  • 7fb419c3(#7535) On macOS, add Window::ns_view to get a pointer to the NSWindow content view.
  • 7fb419c3(#7535) Expose run_on_main_thread method on App that is similar to AppHandle::run_on_main_thread.


  • a5752db9(#7436) Listen to onNewIntent and forward it to registered plugins.
  • fbeb5b91(#7170) Added Channel::new allowing communication from a mobile plugin with Rust.
  • fbeb5b91(#7170) Use custom protocols on the IPC implementation to enhance performance.


  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime@1.0.0-alpha.0
  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@2.0.0-alpha.7
  • Upgraded to tauri-macros@2.0.0-alpha.7
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime-wry@1.0.0-alpha.0
  • Upgraded to tauri-build@2.0.0-alpha.7
  • d1a6e2f3(#7252) Update state to v0.6.

Breaking Changes

  • fd5dc788(#7352) - Removed tauri::api::file and tauri::api::dir modules, use std::fs instead.

    • Removed tauri::api::version module, use semver crate instead.
  • fbeb5b91(#7170) Moved tauri::api::ipc to tauri::ipc and refactored all types.

  • fbeb5b91(#7170) Removed the linux-protocol-headers feature (now always enabled) and added linux-ipc-protocol.

  • 7fb419c3(#7535) Changed App::handle and Manager::app_handle to return a reference to an AppHandle instead of an owned value.

  • 7fb419c3(#7535) The tray icon and menu have received a huge refactor with a lot of breaking changes in order to add new functionalities and improve the DX around using them and here is an overview of the changes:

    • All menu and tray types are now exported from tauri::menu and tauri::tray modules with new names so make sure to check the new types.
    • Removed tauri::Builder::system_tray, instead you should use tauri::tray::TrayIconBuilder inside tauri::Builder::setup hook to create your tray icons.
    • Changed tauri::Builder::menu to be a function to accommodate for new menu changes, you can passe tauri::menu::Menu::default to it to create a default menu.
    • Renamed tauri::Context methods system_tray_icon, tauri::Context::system_tray_icon_mut and tauri::Context::set_system_tray_icon to tauri::Context::tray_icon, tauri::Context::tray_icon_mut and tauri::Context::set_tray_icon to be consistent with new type names.
    • Added RunEvent::MenuEvent and RunEvent::TrayIconEvent.
    • Added App/AppHandle::set_menu, App/AppHandle::remove_menu, App/AppHandle::show_menu, App/AppHandle::hide_menu and App/AppHandle::menu to access, remove, hide or show the app-wide menu that is used as the global menu on macOS and on all windows that don’t have a specific menu set for it on Windows and Linux.
    • Added Window::set_menu, Window::remove_menu, Window::show_menu, Window::hide_menu, Window::is_menu_visible and Window::menu to access, remove, hide or show the menu on this window.
    • Added Window::popup_menu and Window::popup_menu_at to show a context menu on the window at the cursor position or at a specific position. You can also popup a context menu using popup and popup_at methods from ContextMenu trait which is implemented for Menu and Submenu types.
    • Added App/AppHandle::tray, App/AppHandle::tray_by_id, App/AppHandle::remove_tray and App/AppHandle::remove_tray_by_id to access or remove a registered tray.
    • Added WindowBuilder/App/AppHandle::on_menu_event to register a new menu event handler.
    • Added App/AppHandle::on_tray_icon_event to register a new tray event handler.
  • 7fb419c3(#7535) Renamed system-tray feature flag to tray-icon.

  • 3a2c3e74(#7306) The Window#on_navigation closure now receives a &Url argument instead of Url.

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