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New Features

  • 5462e5cad(#9731) Add support for NSIS installer hooks providing a path to a .nsh file in bundle > windows > nsis > installer_hooks key in tauri.conf.json.
  • d6d3efbd1(#9865) On Windows, add option to specify a custom signing command to be used. This opens an endless possibilities, for example use osslsigncode on non-Windows or use hardware tokens and HSM or even using Azure Trusted Signing.


  • 418d72d72(#9559) Added /UPDATE flag for NSIS installer which will make the installer avoid deleting app data and re-creating shortcuts.

Bug Fixes

  • 4754786aa(#9885) Fixed an issue causing the deep link feature to create invalid Info.plist values on macOS.


  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@2.0.0-beta.17

Breaking Changes

  • fc1543c65(#9864) Removed skip_webview_install (skipWebviewInstall) option from config, which has been deprecated for a while now and planned to be removed in v2. Use webview_install_mode (webviewInstallMode) instead.

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