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New Features

  • eeb6be54(#7512) Add tauri::Manager::emit_filter and only serialize once when emitting to multiple windows.
  • 6c408b73(#7269) Add option to specify notification sound.
  • fdaee9a5(#7350) Add tauri::plugin::Builder::register_uri_scheme_protocol
  • 10e362d0(#7432) Added UpdateBuilder::endpoints to add request endpoints at runtime.
  • 10e362d0(#7432) Added UpdateResponse::header and UpdateResponse::remove_header to modify the update download request headers.


  • 757e959e(#7344) Open links externally when <base target="_blank" /> exists
  • c9827338(#7416) Enhance readDir API error with path information.
  • 58d6b899(#7636) Add append option to FsOptions in the fs JS module, used in writeTextFile and writeBinaryFile, to be able to append to existing files instead of overwriting it.
  • 9aa34ada(#7645) Add setting to switch to http://<scheme>.localhost/ for custom protocols on Windows.

Bug Fixes

  • 4bf1e85e(#7722) Properly respect the focused option when creating the webview.
  • 0797a002(#7746) On macOS, fixed tapping on custom title bar doesn’t maximize the window.
  • 1a3dcdb8(#7185) On Windows, fix NSIS installers requiring administrator rights failing to be launched by updater.
  • fa7f9b77(#7341) Fix updater not following endpoint redirects.
  • 6fbd6dba(#17) Fix the validation of std::env::current_exe warn the user if AppImage is not mounted instead of panicking


  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@1.5.0
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime-wry@0.14.1
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime@0.14.1
  • Upgraded to tauri-macros@1.4.1

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