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New Features

  • c085adda(#8009) Added set_progress_bar to Window.
  • c1ec0f15(#7933) Added Window::set_always_on_bottom and the always_on_bottom option when creating a window.
  • 880266a7(#8031) Bump the MSRV to 1.70.
  • ed32257d(#7794) On Windows, add Effect::Tabbed,Effect::TabbedDark and Effect::TabbedLight effects.


What’s Changed


  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime@1.0.0-alpha.3
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime-wry@1.0.0-alpha.4
  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@2.0.0-alpha.9
  • Upgraded to tauri-build@2.0.0-alpha.10
  • Upgraded to tauri-macros@2.0.0-alpha.9

Breaking Changes

  • a63e71f9(#7942) The initialization script for Builder::invoke_system now must initialize the window.__TAURI_INTERNALS__.postMessage function instead of window.__TAURI_POST_MESSAGE__.

  • 12b8d18b(#7875) - Removed tauri::path::Error and added its variants to tauri::Error

    • Removed tauri::path::Result and tauri::plugin::Result aliases, you should use tauri::Result or your own Result type.

  • 2558fab8(#7939) This release contains a number of breaking changes to improve the consistency of tauri internals and the public facing APIs and simplifying the types where applicable:

    • Removed EventHandler type.
    • Added EventId type
    • Changed Manager::listen_global and Window::listen to return the new EventId type instead of EventHandler.
    • Removed the return type of Manager::once_global and Window::once
    • Changed Manager::unlisten and Window::unlisten to take he new EventId type.
    • Added tauri::scope::ScopeEventId
    • Changed FsScope::listen to return the new ScopeEventId instead of Uuid.
    • Added FsScope::unlisten

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