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  • 8c86fba Breaking change: Removed data: url support, as its native support in Windows and macOS are buggy and unreliable, use Webview::with_html instead.

  • 8c86fba On Linux, decode FilDropEvent paths before emitting them to make it consistent across all platforms.

  • 8c86fba Added WebViewExtMacOS::reparent,WebViewExtWindows::reparent and WebViewExtUnix::reparent.

  • 8c86fba Revert global keys shortcuts (wry#1156)

  • 8c86fba Breaking change: Removed internal url parsing which had a few side-effects such as encoded url content, now it is up to the user to pass a valid URL as a string. This also came with a few breaking changes:

    • Removed Url struct re-export
    • Removed Error::UrlError variant.
    • Changed WebviewAttributes::url field type to String.
    • Changed WebviewBuilder::with_url and WebviewBuilder::with_url_and_headers return type to WebviewBuilder instead of Result<WebviewBuilder>.
    • Changed Webview::url getter to return a String instead of Url.

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