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New Features

  • 35cd751a(#5176) Added desktop_template option on DebianSettings.
  • 29488205(#6867) Allow specifying custom language files of Tauri’s custom messages for the NSIS installer
  • e092f799(#6887) Add nsis > template option to specify custom NSIS installer template.
  • df89ccc1(#6955) For NSIS, Add support for /P to install or uninstall in passive mode, /R to (re)start the app and /NS to disable creating shortcuts in silent and passive modes.


  • 3327dd64(#7081) Remove macOS app bundles from the output if they are not requested by the user.
  • fc7f9eba(#7001) Added Copyright field as BrandingText to the NSIS bundler.
  • 540ddd4e(#6906) Added Dutch language support to the NSIS bundler.
  • b257bebf(#6906) Added Japanese language support to the NSIS bundler.
  • 61e3ad89(#7010) Added Korean language support to the NSIS bundler.
  • 21d5eb84(#6965) Added Persian language support to the NSIS bundler.
  • df89ccc1(#6955) NSIS silent and passive installer/updater will auto-kill the app if its running.
  • 43858a31(#7038) Added Swedish language support to the NSIS bundler.
  • ac183948(#7018) Added Turkish language support to the NSIS bundler.
  • 60334f9e(#6859) NSIS installer will now check if a previous WiX .msi installation exist and will prompt users to uninstall it.
  • db7c5fbf(#7143) Remove attohttpc in favor of ureq.

Bug Fixes

  • 0302138f(#6992) - Updated the AppImage bundler to follow symlinks for /usr/lib*.
    • Fixes AppImage bundling for Void Linux, which was failing to bundle webkit2gtk because the /usr/lib64 is a symlink to /usr/lib.
  • 1b8001b8(#7056) Fix incorrect estimated app size for NSIS bundler when installed to a non-empty directory.
  • df89ccc1(#6955) Fix NSIS installer disabling do not uninstall button and silent installer aborting, if allowDowngrades was disabled even when we are not downgrading.
  • 17da87d3(#7036) Fix NSIS bundler failing to build when productName contained chinsese characters.
  • 4d4b72ba(#7086) Fix missing quote in Japanese NSIS language file.
  • 3cc295e9(#6928) Fix NSIS installer not using the old installation path as a default when using perMachine or currentUser install modes. Also fixes NSIS not respecting the /D flag which used to set the installation directory from command line.
  • df89ccc1(#6955) Fix NSIS silent installer not creating Desktop and StartMenu shortcuts. Pass /NS to disable creating them.

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