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Frontend Configuration

Tauri is frontend agnostic and supports most frontend frameworks out of the box. However, sometimes a framework need a bit of extra configuration to integrate with Tauri. Below is a list of frameworks with recommended configurations.

If a framework is not listed then it may work with Tauri with no additional configuration needed or it could have not been documented yet. Any contributions to add a framework that may require additional configuration are welcome to help others in the Tauri community.

Configuration Checklist

Conceptually Tauri acts as a static web host. You need to provide Tauri with a folder containing some mix of HTML, CSS, Javascript and possibly WASM that can be served to the webview Tauri provides.

Below is a checklist of common scenarios needed to integrate a frontend with Tauri:

  • Use static site generation (SSG), single-page applications (SPA), or classic multi-page apps (MPA). Tauri does not natively support server based alternatives (such as SSR).
  • For mobile development, a development server of some kind is necessary that can host the frontend on your internal IP.
  • Use a proper client-server relationship between your app and your API’s (no hybrid solutions with SSR).


For most projects we recommend Vite for SPA frameworks such as React, Vue, Svelte, and Solid, but also for plain JavaScript or TypeScript projects. Most other guides listed here show how to use Meta-Frameworks as they are typically designed for SSR and therefore require special configuration.


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