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Tauri Board Elections & Governance Update

The Tauri Programme is celebrating it’s two year anniversary of Tauri becoming a programme within The Commons Conservancy as well as the one year milestone of the Tauri 1.0 release. This also means we’re preparing for the next round of Tauri Board Director elections to welcome in the next chapter of Tauri.

We wanted to celebrate these milestones but also use this as a chance to reflect on how we’ve grown since the Tauri 1.0 launch and how to continue evolving Tauri. The Tauri Working Group has been building the next iteration of the governance model for the past several months to make it more accessible for new and existing contributors, and ultimately sustainable for the future of Tauri.

Board Elections

The Tauri Board of Directors is the central decision-making body for the Tauri Programme and is responsible for the overall health and stability of the Tauri Programme. Additional details can be found on the Tauri Governance page.

In order to provide continuity from one year to another, the elections of seats are staggered over the course of 2 years. This means that one year a portion of the seats are elected, and the following year the remaining seats are elected. A Tauri Director seat is an elected position with a term of 2 years. The Board has a minimum of 3 Directors and a maximum of 7. This year there are 5 seats open for election.


This year we’d like to focus on diversifying the Tauri Board. We’re looking for candidates that may be a developer who’s worked on Tauri, a stakeholder in Tauri’s future, experienced individuals from industry, or a person with a passion for regulatory and legal aspects within open source. If any or all of these are of interest to you then we’d invite you to apply as a candidate.

Applying for Candidacy

There are 3 steps to express interest and apply for candidacy:

  1. Learn about the role of a Tauri Board Director on the Governance page.
  2. Prepare a written introduction about yourself that covers who you are, your history and relevance for Tauri, and what you would like to bring to the Board.
  3. Apply prior to July 2nd, 2023 by emailing, messaging the @board role on the Tauri Discord, or by directly messaging Daniel Thompson-Yvetot on Discord (@Denjell) or email (

Voting will take place starting on July 5th through July 12th, 2023 where Tauri Working Group Members will cast their votes. We’re expecting to announce the results on or before July 16, 2023. If elected, we’ll ask you to sign this pledge if you haven’t done so previously.

If you have any questions or would like more information please reach out by emailing, messaging the @board role on the Tauri Discord, or by directly messaging Daniel Thompson-Yvetot on Discord (@Denjell) or email (

Governance Update

Tauri has always had a Working Group that’s responsible for the day-to-day direction and execution, but as we grew it became clear that we needed to evolve the Working Group. We also wanted to give new Working Group members a clear places to jump in and get started. We thought of how we could achieve this while building and iterating on the existing framework. With these goals in mind, we created two new concepts within the Working Group: Domains and Domain Leads.


A Domain in the Working Group represents a specific area of interest. We’re starting with these 4 domains:

  • Development: Developing and maintaining the Tauri software
  • Community: Looks after the broader community resources and the public presence of Tauri
  • Governance & Guidance: Involved with all things organizational in nature
  • Operations: Responsible for all the tooling and infrastructure Tauri needs to get work done

This gives clear entry points for a new member of the Working Group to jump into right away. It also allows us to continue growing our core competency of core Tauri development while giving additional focus to all areas which support the Tauri organization as a whole. Each of these domains will be represented by Domain Members and Domain Leads, but membership is not mutually exclusive.

Domain Leads

Within a domain, there is a position for 2-3 Domain Leads. These are core individuals in the Working Group that are critical to their respective Domain. They help by setting the direction and priorities for their domain while also serving as key leaders for the Working Group as a whole.

Leads are appointed twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Since this governance update is being rolled out mid-term we’re appointing interim leads that have been key members of the Working Group. This fall we’ll reflect on the initial experience and host a new round to appoint the Domain Leads. We’ll announce information for that process when we’re closer to “appointment season”.

We hope that these changes provide the foundation to continue the journey the Tauri Working Group has been on while also catalyzing the continued growth and sustainability of the organization. You can learn more about these updates in the Governance and Guidance repo on GitHub. Give us your feedback on the GitHub Discussion for this post.

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