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New Features

  • 0ddbb3a1(#7015) Provide prebuilt CLIs for Windows ARM64 targets.
  • 35cd751a(#5176) Added the desktop_template option on tauri.conf.json > tauri > bundle > deb.
  • 6c5ade08(#4537) Added tauri completions to generate shell completions scripts.
  • 29488205(#6867) Allow specifying custom language files of Tauri’s custom messages for the NSIS installer
  • e092f799(#6887) Add nsis > template option to specify custom NSIS installer template.


  • d75c1b82(#7181) Print a useful error when updater bundle target is specified without an updater-enabled target.
  • 52474e47(#7141) Enhance injection of Cargo features.
  • 2659ca1a(#6900) Add rustls as default Cargo feature.
  • c7056d1b(#6982) Improve Visual Studio installation detection in tauri info command to check for the necessary components instead of whole workloads. This also fixes the detection of minimal installations and auto-installations done by rustup.

Bug Fixes

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