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New Features


  • aa6c9164(#7007) Don’t build library files when building desktop targets.
  • a28fdf7e(#7044) Skip Rust target installation if they are already installed.
  • 735db1ce(#7044) Add --skip-targets-install flag for tauri android init and tauri ios init to skip installing needed rust targets vie rustup.

Bug Fixes

  • 1ed2600d(#6771) Set current directory to tauri directory before reading config file.
  • 4847b87b(#7209) Fix tauri (android|ios) (dev|build) failing when using npx tauri
  • 655c714e(#7240) Fixes panic when exiting the ios dev command with Ctrl + C.
  • 6252380f(#7241) Exit beforeDevCommand process if the android or iOS dev command fails.

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