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  • Add option to enable/disable zoom shortcuts for WebView2, disabled by default.
    • 494a110 WebView2: Enable/disable platform default zooming shortcuts, closes #569 (#574) on 2022-05-15
  • Prevent memory leak on macOS.
    • 16d1924 fix: prevent memory leak on macOS, closes #536 (#587) on 2022-05-20
  • Update the windows crate to the latest 0.37.0 release and webview2-com to 0.16.0 to match.

The #[implement] macro in windows-implement and the implement feature in windows depend on some const generic features which stabilized in rustc 1.61. The MSRV on Windows targets is effectively 1.61, but other targets do not require these features.

The webview2-com crate specifies rust-version = "1.61", so wry will inherit that MSRV and developers on Windows should get a clear error message telling them to update their toolchain when building wry or anything that depends on wry. Developers targeting other platforms should be able to continue using whatever toolchain they were using before.

  • 9d9d9d8 Update windows-rs to 0.37.0 and webview2-com to 0.16.0 to match (#592) on 2022-05-23

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