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New Features

  • 8a1ae2dea(#9843) Added an option to use a Xcode project for the iOS plugin instead of a plain SwiftPM project.
  • 9e4b2253f(#9734) Add tauri bundle subcommand which runs the bundle phase only, best paired with tauri build --no-bundle


  • 8b032c3cf(#9896) Add a blank LaunchScreen.storyboard to the iOS project init template to pass the App Store validation.
  • 71a5e2ba2(#9799) On Android, allow using Kotlin keywords as identifiers and escape them in templates.
  • 9970d88be(#9892) Update to latest gradle.

What’s Changed


  • Upgraded to tauri-bundler@2.0.1-beta.15
  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@2.0.0-beta.17

Breaking Changes

  • 265c23886(#9375) Avoid renaming main binary to product name and perserve the name generated by cargo.
  • 1df5cdeb0(#9858) Use tauri.conf.json > identifier to set the PackageName in Android and BundleId in iOS.

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