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  • 19cd0e49(#6811) Add file to android’s .gitignore.
  • 124d5c5a(#6788) On mobile, fix regression introduced in tauri-cli version 2.0.0-alpha.3 where library not found error was thrown.
  • 31444ac1(#6725) Update mobile template to wry@0.28
  • 6d1fa49f(#6881) Clear Android plugin JSON file before building Rust library to ensure removed plugins are propagated to the Android project.
  • 5a9307d1(#6890) Update android template to gradle 8.0
  • 73c803a5(#6837) Inject Tauri configuration in the Android assets.
  • e1e85dc2(#6925) Moved the updater configuration to the BundleConfig.
  • 3188f376(#6883) Bump the MSRV to 1.65.
  • 2969d1cb(#6773) Use absolute path to each Android plugin project instead of copying the files to enhance developer experience.
  • d48aaa15(#6894) Add Cargo manifest files for the plugin example templates.
  • e1e85dc2(#6925) Removed the allowlist configuration.

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