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  • Added fn new constructors for PhysicalSize, LogicalSize, PhysicalPosition and LogicalPosition and missing conversion methods.
    • c7d13a1c feat(core): add missing methods to the dpi module (#4393) on 2022-06-19
  • Set the bundle name and app metadata in the Info.plist file in development mode.
    • 38f5db6e feat(codegen): fill app metadata in development Info.plist on 2022-06-21
  • Set the application icon in development mode on macOS.
    • 307c2ebf feat(core): set macOS app icon in development (#4385) on 2022-06-19
  • Fixes the error message when using the window.unminimize API without enabling it in the allowlist.
  • Initialize Tauri script when devPath is an external URL with path.
    • 079b1cc0 fix(core): properly get external URL origin, closes #4414 (#4417) on 2022-06-21
  • Fixes deadlock when a plugin window ready event needs to block the thread waiting on the event loop.
    • 9d33d093 fix(core): deadlock on plugin webview ready hook (#4462) on 2022-06-24
  • Adjust the updater to fallback to $HOME/.cache or the current working directory as temp directory if the system default is in a different mount point.
    • fd125f76 fix(updater): fallback if tmp is on different mount point, closes #4500 (#4504) on 2022-06-28
  • Properly fill the origin window when using emit_to and emit_all from Window.
    • 643ae846 fix: fire window-specific event on Window emit_to/emit_all, closes #4493 (#4498) on 2022-06-28
  • Implement raw_window_handle::HasRawWindowHandle on Linux.
    • 3efbc67f feat: implement raw_window_handle on Linux (#4469) on 2022-06-26
  • Added on_drop hook to the plugin::Builder.
    • be4bb391 feat: add AppHandle::remove_plugin and plugin on_drop, closes #4361 (#4443) on 2022-06-23
  • Refactored the tauri-runtime-wry plugin interface.
    • e39e2999 refactor(tauri-runtime-wry): enhance plugin interface (#4476) on 2022-06-27
  • Added AppHandle::remove_plugin.
    • be4bb391 feat: add AppHandle::remove_plugin and plugin on_drop, closes #4361 (#4443) on 2022-06-23
  • The theme API is now implemented on macOS 10.14+.
    • 6d94ce42 feat(core): theme is now implemented on macOS (#4380) on 2022-06-17
  • Suppress unused variable warning in release builds.
    • 45981851 chore(lint): unused variable warnings for release builds (#4411) on 2022-06-22
  • Update tao to 0.12 and wry to 0.19.
    • f6edc6df chore(deps): update tao to 0.12, wry to 0.19, closes #3220 (#4502) on 2022-06-28
  • Added Notification::notify API behind the windows7-compat Cargo feature, which includes Windows 7 support.
    • 57039fb2 fix(core): add windows 7 notification support (#4491) on 2022-06-28

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