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  • 2af91313(#880) Updated the minimum supported Rust version to 1.70.
  • 90ad07b3(#878) Breaking change: Removed window::hit_test function.
  • 2af91313(#880) Progress bar on Linux no longer relies on zbus. Changed ProgressBarState’s field unity_uri to desktop_filename.
  • 90ad07b3(#878) On Windows and Linux, disable resizing undecorated windows when in fullscreen.
  • 90ad07b3(#878) On Windows, fix undecorated window resizing.
  • 89ce9d26(#874) On Windows, apply ScaleFactorChanged if new size is different than what OS reported. This fixes an issue when moving the window to another monitor and immediately maximizing it, resulting in a maximized window (i.e have WS_MAXIMIZE window style) but doesn’t cover the monitor work area.

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