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  • On Linux, receive only one draw event per cycle to prevent receiving infinite draw events.
    • b86ada73 Receive only one draw event per cycle (#500) on 2022-07-25
    • On Linux, add EventLoopWindowTargetExtUnix for methods to determine if the backend is x11 or wayland.
  • On Linux, add x11 module for glutin internal use. This is basically just x11-dl, but winit secretly exports it.
  • On Linux, add WindowBuilder::with_transparent_draw to disable the internal draw for transparent window and allows users to draw it manually.
  • db7e5cb4 feat(linux): Add necessary features for creating GL windows (#495) on 2022-07-25
  • Breaking Updated raw-window-handle to 0.5 and added Window::raw_display_handle and EventLoopWindowTarget::raw_display_handle.
    • b905852d chore(deps): update raw-window-handle to 0.5 (#493) on 2022-07-24
  • On Windows, respect min/max inner sizes when creating the window.
    • c1c6822e fix(windows): respect min/max sizes when creating window, closes #498 (#499) on 2022-07-25

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