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New Features

  • 7aa30dec(#8620) Add priority, section and changelog options in Debian config.
  • 89911296(#8259) On macOS, support for signing nested .dylib, .app, .xpc and .framework under predefined directories inside the bundled frameworks (“MacOS”, “Frameworks”, “Plugins”, “Helpers”, “XPCServices” and “Libraries”).
  • 8ce51cec(#7718) On Windows, NSIS installer now supports /ARGS flag to pass arguments to be used when launching the app after installation, only works if /R is used.


  • 06890c70(#8611) Support using socks proxy from environment when downloading files.

Bug Fixes

  • 6bdba1f3(#8585) Fix the non-standard-file-perm and non-standard-dir-perm issue in Debian packages


  • 49266487(#8618) Replace libflate with flate2 , this will help to provide additional functionalities and features.

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