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  • 06b617ea(#776) Update jni to 0.21.

  • d0b20c94(#778) This release contains a number of breaking changes that aimed at removing menus, system-tray and global-shortcuts features which have been moved to different crates, muda, tray-icon and global-hotkey and here is a summary of the changes:

    • Removed tray crago feature flag.
    • Removed accelerator, menu, system_tray and global_shortcut modules and all associated types.
    • Removed Event::MenuEvent, Event::TrayEvent, Event::GlobalShortcutEvent, TrayEvent and Rectangle types.
    • Added EventLoopBuilder type.
    • Removed EventLoop::with_user_event, instead use EventLoopBuilder::<T>::with_user_event().build().
    • Removed EventLoopExtWindows, EventLoopExtMacOS and EventLoopExtUnix, instead use EventLoopBuilderExtWindows, EventLoopBuilderExtMacOS and EventLoopBuilderExtUnix.
    • Changed WindowExtWindows::hinstance, WindowExtWindows::hwnd and MonitorHandleExtWindow::hmonitor to return isize instead of *const c_void

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