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This is a stub and is waiting for contributions. Get involved by visiting us on GitHub or joining us on Discord.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Create a new app using create-tauri-app
  • Manually create the app using the Tauri CLI
  • Add mobile to an existing project (revise what’s here integrate mobile)
  • Frontend framework-specific guides (right now limiting to React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, and Solid)

One thing that makes Tauri so flexible is it’s ability to work with virtually any frontend framework. We’ve created the create-tauri-app utility to help you create a new Tauri project using one of the officially maintained framework templates.

create-tauri-app currently includes templates for vanilla (HTML, CSS and JavaScript without a framework), Vue.js, Svelte, React, SolidJS, Angular, Preact, Yew, Leptos, and Sycamore. You can also find or add your own community templates and frameworks in the Awesome Tauri repo.

Alternatively, you can add Tauri to an existing project to quickly turn your existing codebase into a Tauri app.

Using create-tauri-app

To get started using create-tauri-app run one of the below commands in the folder you’d like to setup your project. If you’re not sure which command to use we recommend the Bash command on Linux and macOS and the PowerShell command on Windows.

Terminal window
sh <(curl --beta

Follow along with the prompts to choose your project name, frontend language, package manager, and frontend framework, and frontend framework options if applicable.

After create-tauri-app has complete you can navigate into your project’s folder, install dependencies, then use the Tauri CLI to start the development server:

cd my-tauri-app
npm install
npm run tauri dev

You’ll now see a new window open with your app running.

Congratulations! You’ve made your Tauri app! 🚀

Next Steps

Additional Resources

List to best practices, blog posts, etc.

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