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  • a424a0b(#1270) On Windows, fix child webview invisible after creation because it was created with 0,0 size
  • d6f8dd7(#1271) On Windows, create child webview at the top of z-order to align with other platforms.
  • 03d2535(#1269) On macOS, disable initialization script injection into subframes.
  • 1e65049(#1267) On macOS, fixed a crash when sending empty body by IPC.
  • 0f3c886(#1260) On macOS, fixed an issue of not being able to listen to the cmd+key event in javascript in single WebView.
  • 0f14e2a(#1259) Default the margin when printing on MacOS to 0 so it is closer to the behavior of when printing on the web.
  • 0f14e2a(#1259) Add WebViewExtMacOS::print_with_options which allows to modify the margins that will be used on the print dialog.
  • f516122(#1262) On Windows, enable webview2 non client region support which allows using app-region CSS style.

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