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  • Change the run function to take a callback and run asynchronously instead of blocking the event loop.
    • cd9a20b9 refactor(cli.js): run on separate thread (#3436) on 2022-02-13
  • Improve error message when the dev runner command fails.
    • 759d1afb feat(cli): improve error message when dev runner command fails (#3447) on 2022-02-13
  • Show full error message from instead of just the outermost underlying error message.
    • 63826010 feat(cli.js): show full error message (#3442) on 2022-02-13
  • Increase tauri.conf.json directory lookup depth to 3 and allow changing it with the TAURI_PATH_DEPTH environment variable.
    • c6031c70 feat(cli): increase lookup depth, add env var option (#3451) on 2022-02-13
  • Added tauri-build, tao and wry version to the info command output.
    • 16f1173f feat(cli): add tao and wry version to the info output (#3443) on 2022-02-13

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