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  • 43c94f0b(#830) This patch contains a couple of changes to how the anroid macros:

    • Changed android_binding macro 4th argument signature, which is a setup function that is called once when the event loop is first created, from unsafe fn(JNIEnv, &ForeignLooper, GlobalRef) to unsafe fn(&str, JNIEnv, &ForeignLooper, GlobalRef).
    • Moved android_fn! and generate_package_name macro from crate root platform::android::prelude
  • f497b5dc(#829) Add Window::drag_resize_window and ResizeDirection enum to initialize window resizing. Supported on Windows and Linux only.

  • 28b53f80(#705) Fix Window::primary_monitor panicking on Linux when there is no primary monitor, e.g. with Wayland.

  • e33104c2(#831) On macOS, fix WindowEvent::Destroyed may fire twice.

  • 853101be(#821) This release includes an update to raw-window-handle crate to 0.6 but will also provide a feature flags to select which raw-window-handle to use:

    • rwh_06 (default): raw-window-handle@0.6
    • rwh_05: raw-window-handle@0.5`
    • rwh_04: raw-window-handle@0.4`
  • fce9d260(#844) On Windows, fix WindowBuilder::with_theme has no effect when forcing light theme on a dark mode system.

  • c0278d83(#839) On Windows, remove WS_CLIPCHILDREN from window style

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