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  • Added the default-tls and reqwest-default-tls Cargo features for enabling TLS suppport to connect over HTTPS.
    • f6f9192a fix(core): Android compilation on Windows (#5658) on 2022-11-20
  • Breaking change: Use the custom protocol as a proxy to the development server on all platforms except Linux.
    • 6f061504 feat(cli): add android dev and ios dev commands (#4982) on 2022-08-20
  • Support with_webview for Android platform alowing execution of JNI code in context.
    • 8ea87e9c feat(android): with_webview access for jni execution (#5148) on 2022-09-08
  • First mobile alpha release!
  • Breaking change: The window creation and setup hook are now called when the event loop is ready.
    • b4622ea4 refactor(app): run setup and window creation when event loop is ready (#4914) on 2022-08-11
  • Export types required by the mobile_entry_point macro.
    • 98904863 feat(core): add mobile_entry_point macro (#4983) on 2022-08-21

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