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New Features

  • 7c237209(#6546) Added tauri::VERSION const to get Tauri’s version from Rust.
  • 4c39e46a(#7026) Added tauri::webview_version , to get webview version.
  • 359058ce(#5939) Add tauri::api::os::locale function to get the system locale.
  • c4d6fb4b(#2353) Added the maximizable, minimizable and closable options to the window builder.
  • c4d6fb4b(#2353) Added the set_maximizable, set_minimizable, set_closable, is_maximizable, is_minimizable and is_closable methods on Window.
  • 1d99f8a3(#4752) Expose the test module behind the test Cargo feature.
  • 000104bc(#6472) Add Window::is_focused and Manager::get_focused_window getters.
  • 441f9646(#5491) Add MenuHandle::try_get_item and SystemTrayHandle::try_get_item which returns a Option instead of panicking.


Bug Fixes

  • 82169e69(#5208) Fix parsing allowlist > http > scope urls that added a trailing slash which broke matching the incoming requests url.
  • b41b57eb(#7105) Fix panics when registering an invalid global shortcuts or checking it is registered and return proper errors instead.
  • aecf1469(#6889) Fix IPC failing after a failed navigation to an external URL.
  • 076e1a81(#7119) Fix unlistening to window events failing sometimes.
  • 3f35b452(#4080) Fix WindowBuilder::on_navigation handler not registered properly.
  • 0503eb69(#7078) On macOS and Linux, fix app crashing when creating a window with data: uri.
  • 3700793a(#6934) Emit UPTODATE update status to javascript when the updater server returns status code 204
  • ff5e4dbb(#6794) Fix some configurations not applied when creating the window through Javascript.
  • 65fd674f(#6652) Play a sound when showing a notification on Windows.
  • 696d77c3(#4493) Fixes global events not being received on window-specific event listeners.

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