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  • Add --release flag for tauri android dev however you will need to sign your Android app, see https://next—
    • 63f088e5 feat(cli): add --release for android dev (#6638) on 2023-04-05
  • Build only specified rust targets for tauri android build instead of all.
    • d03e47d1 fix: only build specified rust targets for aab/apk build (#6625) on 2023-04-05
  • Use local ip address for built-in dev server on mobile.
    • 7fec0f08 fix(cli): use local ip addr for built-in server on mobile, closes #6454 (#6631) on 2023-04-04
  • Readd the Cargo.toml file to the plugin template.
    • 5288a386 fix(cli): readd Cargo.toml to the plugin template (#6637) on 2023-04-04

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