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Tauri Governance

One of the main goals of the organizational structure of Tauri is to guarantee we stay true to our open source values and do so sustainably while respecting the health and well-being of contributors. The Tauri Programme within the Commons Conservancy was established to commit to those values, and facilitate an open, transparent and efficient governance process throughout the future development of the Tauri and its auxiliary materials.

Tauri Working Group

The Tauri Working Group is the collective framework created to enable this governance process. It’s composed of the following components:

  • Working Group Members
  • Tauri Board & Board Directors
  • Domains & Domain Leads
  • Teams

Tauri governance diagram

Working Group Members

All of the individuals that make up the Tauri Working Group.

Tauri Board & Board Directors

The Tauri Board is the central decision making body for the Tauri Programme and is responsible for the overall health and stability of the Tauri Programme. The Board votes on major decisions within the Programme and issues raised by the Working Group.

An individual Board Director may be a technical contributor, be a stakeholder in Tauri’s future, share experience from the industry, or have a passion for regulatory and legal aspects within Open Source.

Domains & Domain Leads

Domains are organizational units that represent an area of interest within Tauri.

Domain Leads are trusted contributors within the Tauri community with expertise in the Domain they are leading. They are responsible for setting direction, overseeing and supporting the activities within that Domain.

The current Domains and Domain leads are outlined in the Governance and Guidance repo on GitHub.


Teams are small groups of contributors that support or maintain specific areas of the Tauri Programme. They are a means for Tauri to execute its longer-term tasks and goals, especially when ad-hoc contributions cannot achieve the same results.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in becoming a Tauri Board Director or a Domain Lead, elections for those positions are run throughout the year. For Domain Leads those take place in both the spring and fall and for Board Directors in the summer. Instructions for how to apply are posted to the Tauri Blog leading up to the respective election.

Additional Resources

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