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New Features

  • 16e550ec(#8844) Add webview-specific events for multi-webview windows:

    • Add WebviewEvent enum
    • Add RunEvent::WebviewEvent variant.
    • Add Builder::on_webview_event and Webview::on_webview_event methods.


  • 11a5816b(#8864) A file-drop now allows sub-directories recursively when the path is a directory.
  • 0cb0a15c(#8789) Add webviews array on the capability for usage on multiwebview contexts.
  • 258494bd(#8806) Added Manager::add_capability to add a capability file at runtime.
  • 5618f6d2(#8856) Relax requirements on plugin’s identifiers to be alphanumeric and - instead of only lower alpha and -.

Bug Fixes

  • 16e550ec(#8844) Fix JS event listeners registered using JS listen api with EventTarget::Any never fired.
  • 8751c329(#8793) Fix invoking toggle devtools by hotkey.
  • bd73ab0a(#8766) When using the multiwebview mode, properly remove the webview from memory on Webview::close.
  • 46b6598a(#8826) Fix JS onCloseRequested catching close event from other windows.
  • 2e6db908(#8777) Fix regression in tauri::Error not being Sync.

What’s Changed

  • 76ce9f61(#3002) Enhance centering a newly created window, it will no longer jump to center after being visible.


  • Upgraded to tauri-utils@2.0.0-beta.2
  • Upgraded to tauri-build@2.0.0-beta.2
  • Upgraded to tauri-macros@2.0.0-beta.2
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime-wry@2.0.0-beta.2
  • Upgraded to tauri-runtime@2.0.0-beta.2

Breaking Changes

  • 258494bd(#8806) Removed the lifetime parameter from ipc::GlobalScope and ipc::CommandScope.
  • f284f9c5(#8898) Changed the capability remote configuration to take a list of urls instead of domains for more flexibility.
  • 2f55bfec(#8795) Update raw-window-handle to 0.6.
  • 2e6db908(#8777) Require ScopeObject::Error to be Sync as well.

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