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  • Allow preventing window close when the user requests it.
    • 8157a68a feat(core): allow listening to event loop events & prevent window close (#2131) on 2021-07-06
  • Add App#run method with callback argument (event loop event handler).
    • 8157a68a feat(core): allow listening to event loop events & prevent window close (#2131) on 2021-07-06
  • Fixes data-tauri-drag-region not firing its events.
    • 578610a2 fix(core): fix drag-region not sending its events correctly (#2196) on 2021-07-12
  • Fix macOS EXC_BAD_ACCESS panic when app is code-signed.
    • 456a94f6 fix(macOS): updater EXC_BAD_ACCESS (#2181) on 2021-07-12
  • Fixes SVG loading on custom protocol.
  • Expose gtk_window getter.
  • Inject invoke key on script tags with type="module".
    • f03eea9c feat(core): inject invoke key on <script type="module"> (#2120) on 2021-06-29
  • Fix macOS high CPU usage.
  • Export MenuHandle and MenuEvent types on tauri::window.
    • acb88929 fix(core): export MenuHandle and MenuEvent (#2148) on 2021-07-03
  • Use glib context for linux updater to prevent GTK panic.
    • 3389bd81 fix(linux): use glib main context for the updater on linux (#2222) on 2021-07-16
  • Bump wry 0.11 and fix focus integration to make it compatible with tao 0.4.
  • Params has been removed, along with all the associated types on it. Functions that previously accepted those associated types now accept strings instead. Type that used a generic parameter Params now use Runtime instead. If you use the wry feature, then types with a Runtime generic parameter should default to Wry, letting you omit the explicit type and let the compiler infer it instead.


  • See Params note
  • If you were using Params inside a function parameter or definition, all references to it have been replaced with a simple runtime that defaults to Wry. If you are not using a custom runtime, just remove Params from the definition of functions/items that previously took it. If you are using a custom runtime, you may need to pass the runtime type to these functions.
  • If you were using custom types for Params (uncommon and if you don’t understand you probably were not using it), all methods that were previously taking the custom type now takes an Into<String> or a &str. The types were already required to be string-able, so just make sure to convert it into a string before passing it in if this breaking change affects you.


  • (internal) Added private default_runtime proc macro to allow us to give item definitions a custom runtime only when the specified feature is enabled.


  • See Params note
  • Removed Params, MenuId, Tag, TagRef.
  • Added menu::{MenuHash, MenuId, MenuIdRef} as type aliases for the internal type that menu types now use.
    • All previous menu items that had a MenuId generic now use the underlying MenuId type without a generic.
  • Runtime, RuntimeHandle, and Dispatch have no more generic parameter on create_window(...) and instead use the Runtime type directly
  • Runtime::system_tray has no more MenuId generic and uses the string based SystemTray type directly.
  • (internal) CustomMenuItem::id_value() is now hashed on creation and exposed as the id field with type MenuHash.


  • See Params note
  • update menu and runtime related types to the ones changed in tauri-runtime.


  • Assets::get signature has changed to take a &AssetKey instead of impl Into<AssetKey> to become trait object safe.
  • fd8fab50 refactor(core): remove Params and replace with strings (#2191) on 2021-07-15

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