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  • 81329013(#743) On macOS, fix the unexpected shifting of the window when dragging after closing the share dialog.
  • baa02977(#418) Added APIs for setting progress bars for the application icon on Linux (Unity only) and macOS, along with progress indicator for specific window on Windows.
  • 8f361f0c(#752) Handle universal links on iOS and send Event::Opened { urls }.
  • bb3c53d1(#764) On macOS, fix SystemTrayEvent not emitted after calling set_menu.
  • 5af3da4a(#746) On macOS, force NativeImage height to be 18 to have consistent size for all icons and match custom icons.
  • 093d8fbc(#422) Implement Event::Opened on macOS for file association and deeplink support.
  • e9875fe5(#755) On Windows, fix leak of tao::system_tray::Icon when calling tao::system_tray::SystemTray::set_icon and leak of String when calling tao::system_tray::SystemTray::set_tooltip.
  • 50e69d71(#749) On Windows, fix disabling resizable also disabling maximize button and messing up Window::set_maximized.

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